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What is Endless?

Endless is a social media curator that allows you to view all of your favorite websites in one place with a unified card-based interface. It allows for users to upvote, save and comment on posts from websites even if the website doesn’t support it.



Download the APK from GitHub Releases and install it.


Supported Feeds

Starting the server

You can use the docker-compose.yml file to start the server.

How to contribute?

You can contribute to Endless by adding support for new websites or by improving the existing codebase. If you want to add support for a new website, take a look at the existing extractors. Usually, each website has its own extractor with two methods inside the extractors directory. If you want to improve the existing codebase, you can do so by creating a pull request.


Take a look at the extractor list below to see which websites are supported at the moment.

Prebuilt versions of the extractors are also located in the min directory.


Coming soon